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The best kitchen storage ideas for property developers

Good storage is the key to a well organised kitchen, something which is highly sought after regardless of whether the end user is a single person with limited space or a large family with a busy lifestyle.

We’ve experienced a variety of requirements when it comes to providing storage solutions to clients, so here’s our top tips for what to take into consideration when planning your development or project to ensure it strikes the right chord with potential buyers.

Clever and compact

Irrespective of the size and space available in a kitchen, clever storage solutions will always be popular in any property type – but especially so in apartments or smaller homes. And if space is limited, it’s vital to make the best use of what’s available and stick to streamlined, practical solutions. Sliding cupboard doors can save a lot of space in a smaller kitchen rather than those that swing out, for example, while bins can take up valuable floor space and so are best integrated into cupboards.

Make sure all available space in the room is utilised, thinking beyond standard cabinets and cupboard units. Vertically hanging or fixed wall utensil racks are a great way to save on space and can also provide a stylish element to a kitchen – homebuyers may visualise pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, for example.

Keep it discreet

Hidden storage is quite often the preferred option. Not every homeowner will want to distract from the clean lines of their kitchen by having all their wares on display, particularly the more practical, less aesthetically pleasing items. Either way, providing a choice leaves options thus ticking off another box for a development’s desirability. Space permitting, pantries or utility areas situated in close proximity to the main kitchen area are huge plus points, providing extra space to store food items or cleaning products.

Units which house integrated appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher always go down well, while islands are increasingly popular features but can take up a lot of space. This can be combatted by including drawers and cupboards in the units below. Pull out pantries or larders and trolleys or racks are also nice space-saving surprises.

Style and substance

Storage isn’t just used to keep practical items hidden away though; buyers looking for a blank canvas from which to create a stylish home will also be looking at the space from an interior design point of view. Not only are floating shelves practical in that they don’t take up much space and enable easy access of go-to items, it’s also the perfect place to display the more stylish kitchen accessories from food mixers to houseplants and recipe books.

For the same reason, glass-fronted cabinets are often a hit with those buyers with an eye for a design feature. And when it comes to a touch of luxury, we find built-in wine racks or fridges are always talking points!

Remember, by keeping storage flexible and smart, buyers are more likely to visualise themselves in the kitchen and think about how they’d use the space, therefore making more of a connection to the property.

Get in touch with the Chalk team today to find out how we can help you create the best storage solutions for your next property development.

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