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The push towards smart kitchens in modern developments

Technology influences many aspects of modern day life and property developers are embracing new innovations for the ultimate intelligent kitchen design. Here we take a look at the key features for consideration when planning the most important room in the home.

Multi-functional layout

Modern kitchens should incorporate a multi-functional design to capitalise on space. Often homes feature an open-plan layout - the kitchen merges with the living area to create the perfect space for cooking, dining and socialising. To create zones within the space, use a clever mix colours, materials and furniture to give each area its own personality. Intelligent design should also maximise the space with multipurpose workstations, hidden storage solutions and sliding doors. Plus, the integrated design approach allows appliances to be easily concealed within the cabinetry, giving the kitchen clean lines and a sleek finish.

Smart kitchen appliances

The digital world and innovations in technology are growing at a tremendous rate with the global smart kitchen appliances market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 25 per cent from 2015 to 2022.*

The internet of things and smart technology means companies are beginning to adopt a combination of smart apps, sensors and other innovations to make the kitchen more responsive and intelligent. Currently there are a wide range of smart kitchen appliances available, all of which are aimed to aid convenience in our modern busy lives.

Indeed, they’re a great time saver in the kitchen. Smart ovens can make cooking simpler, with new technology to improve the quality and consistency of dishes. Or perhaps you’d like to see inside your fridge with a built-in camera so you know what to buy from the grocery shop on your way home.

Increasingly, homeowners want an easy way to control their kitchen gadgets and appliances with a single click on a control panel or via a mobile app on their phone or tablet, so it’s important to consider smart appliances in your kitchen design for property developments.

Energy efficiency

Another key benefit of smart kitchen technology is the reduction in energy consumption. Growing energy prices are expected to fuel the demand for smart kitchen appliances in the future. Electrical appliances are one of the biggest costs towards homeowner’s energy bills, so it’s important to keep costs to a minimum. The layout and placement of appliances can be used to maximise efficiency and ensure you choose the right size of appliance for your needs. Opt for appliances that have high ratings for both energy and water efficiency. And don’t forget lighting – the clever way to control your lighting and use energy efficient bulbs is to install smart lighting, so you can use your smartphone, tablet or voice to turn off lights when you’re not at home.

Kitchen technology is vast and will keep evolving. The convenience and benefits gained from connectivity will continue to attract more users in the future. Contact the team at Chalk Kitchens to see how we can incorporate smart technology in your kitchen design.

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