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London Luxury Property Development: British or German Kitchens?

What is better – British or German? Well it all depends on your property development, its style cues and what you want from your kitchen (or küchen).

Classical British style

British kitchens are renowned for their timeless and classical style celebrating features of our heritage. Often inspired by period Georgian or farmhouse kitchens they provide a warm and welcoming ambience to any home. Classic designs incorporate a range of traditional materials using a selection of quality hardwood, with the option to add personality with painted cabinetry and statement pieces, such as an iconic Aga oven.

Drawing upon years of experience, British bespoke kitchens are made-to-measure and handcrafted by experts to the highest quality. Designed and built to fit seamlessly within a kitchen space, they take into account the age of the building and can be easily adapted to accommodate architectural period features, to maximise the use of space.

Contemporary German design

Germany is famous for its engineering expertise and design, both of which are adopted in their precision engineered kitchens. In terms of style, German kitchens excel in contemporary design with a sleek and clean look, in a variety of materials and finishes. Kitchens are built using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy and consistency to deliver a high quality finish.

Functionality is at the heart of German kitchen design and great importance is placed upon ergonomics. Kitchen planning considers how we use the space and designed with efficiency in mind, offer a huge choice in cabinet sizes and fittings. To provide ultimate flexibility, multifunctional and hidden storage options deliver innovative solutions for both small and large kitchens.

The best of both worlds

At Chalk Kitchens we give our customers the choice of British and German design, both of which deliver luxury premium kitchens. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure we deliver stylish and flexible kitchens, built to the highest quality to suit both your individual style and practical needs.

We’re passionate about timeless, in-frame kitchens that deliver bespoke designs handmade in Britain using traditional joinery methods. And we’re proud to offer built to order kitchens by one of Germany’s leading manufacturers, BEECK Küchen, offering stunning kitchens that combine form, function and innovation.

So whether you’re looking for a classical British style or contemporary German design, speak to the team at Chalk Kitchens to discuss the wide range of contract kitchen options perfectly suited for your property development.

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