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The art of maximising space in a kitchen

One of the key aspects of a clever kitchen design is to maximise the space, yet still making it functional and practical. When working with our property developer clients, this is often a key priority because a kitchen will often be one of the major selling points so it’s important to create the wow factor.

With our years of experience in the industry and knowledge of design techniques, we can ensure the kitchen maximises every square centimetre of space. Here are some of the ways we do that.

Create the feeling of depth and height

Even if the property has a relatively low ceiling height, by using clever lines and colours, you can create the perception of height and depth. For example, shelving, as well as being practical, helps to create a feeling of height. Using high-gloss and reflective cabinets or the introduction of mirrored splashbacks is also a neat way of creating depth. Perhaps also think about slimline cabinets and opt for bright colours to give the feeling of space.

Clean lines are key

Kitchens that have clean lines are an excellent way of creating space by having an uninterrupted eyeline. Combined with uncluttered worktops, walls and shelving that have innovative storage options mean that there’s less on show to keep the eye busy and therefore make the room feel bigger and brighter. When it comes to fridges, washing machines or dishwashers, it’s ideal to hide them away or opt for integrated appliances as these will interrupt and disconnect those all important clean lines.

Lighting is critical

Even in the smallest of spaces, lighting can help make a kitchen seem bigger than it is. Often people think that kitchen design is just about the furniture and appliances but choosing the correct lighting methods plays a very important part. With the proper lighting mix - recessed downlighting, island-highlighting pendants, under-cabinet LEDs - a relatively small kitchen will still seem spacious. In a kitchen that doesn’t have much natural light, you’ll need to cast as much light down evenly as possible and if we stick to the clean line approach, then recessed ceiling lighting works perfectly. Accent lighting, such as kick or cabinet lights are a great way to highlight aspects of kitchen design while still performing a very useful function.

Maximise storage

A common issue in kitchens is not maximising the storage space available. There a wide range of simple solutions that free up all important space such as cabinet doors with racks, cabinets with extending shelves, cutlery and pan dividers. Deep pan drawers are also a more efficient form of storage than the normal base units. Sliding or pocket doors are a perfect example of creating seamless movement around the kitchen without having to mind out for or bumping into open cabinet doors. This method can also be expanded by hiding shelves behind sliding panels as this again helps to create those clean lines mentioned earlier.

At Chalk Kitchens our team has years of experience of working with architects, interior designers and property developers to create a unique kitchen space. Contact the team and discuss how we can create that wow factor for your property development.

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