• Steve Carter

Will Brexit impact kitchen supply and demand?

March 19, 2019

With recent developments around Brexit there still doesn’t seem to be clarity in terms of what sort of a deal is going to happen. Never a day goes by without a new vote or different outcome being predicted.

One thing Brexit has created is a dip in confidence and a lack of understanding of what is exactly happening. Businesses and consumers need clarity and without it, a void is created, and speculation then becomes rife. Essentially what we need to know is what’s going to happen in terms of European products, particularly European high-end kitchens, reaching UK customers.

A strong appetite for important trade relations

The appetite for strong trade relations between the UK and Europe remains. Whatever the outcome of the current political wrangling, the European business community will endeavour to maintain seamless supply chains to continue to serve customers in all markets. The kitchen manufacturing and retailing industry is no different.

If you walk down Wigmore St in London, home to many of the leading kitchen manufacturers, you’ll see brands from Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and the UK, reflecting the bellwether nature of our industry. As an industry, it’s critical we should lead the way in demonstrating that relationships with our European neighbours are crucial and, whatever the future nature of our political and trading relations, they will continue to grow.

Will Brexit impact supply of quality kitchens?

Given the lack of clarity, the only sensible option is to plan for all outcomes. As a key partner for property professionals, Chalk Kitchens prides itself on meticulous planning when it comes to delivering contract kitchen packages on time and on budget. We’ve been applying the same rigour to planning with our key suppliers and logistics partners, ensuring we meet the requirements for each project that we’re entrusted to deliver throughout the current and any future uncertainty.

We know the industry inside and out and our business is based on professional project management, - planning for all eventualities and having solutions in place. Demand will continue, and we know that we can ensure that our supply does too.

Will Brexit cause kitchen prices to increase?

Since the referendum took place, we haven’t seen any price increase, but once we exit we could see that the World Trade Organisation arrangement would add approximately 3% in tariffs on imported furniture.

Bearing this in mind we’ve got excellent relationships with British kitchen manufacturers - we’re not just relying on one European manufacturer. Above all our aim is to provide our clients with the best product for their budget and their property development.

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