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What are homebuyers looking for in a kitchen?

May 23, 2019

A stylish kitchen can be a deciding factor when clients are choosing to buy a property, but how do you make your development stand out from the crowd? Here are some style tips to give your kitchen design a unique look and feel without blowing the budget.

Quality materials

Nowadays, there is huge choice of kitchen worktops to suit every budget. For high end developments you can achieve a luxurious finish with a marble effect quartz worktop without a hefty price tag. Alternatively, a popular choice for durability and strength are Corian worktops. These provide a seamless and sleek look and are available in over 100 colours, to provide a distinctive effect.

To complement your scheme, choose flooring that is both stylish and hard-wearing. Cost-effective choices include laminate flooring and vinyl, available in an array of finishes. For a bold style statement consider beautifully patterned tiles or polished concrete to help reflect light around the room. And the latest flooring trend for 2019 is bamboo which offers an eco-friendly alternative.

Stylish accessories

Small pieces can make a big difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. Cabinetry handles can enhance your scheme by adding character and a subtle visual interest. There’s an array of choice, from antique bow-shaped handles for elegance or ceramic doorknobs for a vintage feel.

Taps are one element that are both functional but stylish. Consider the length and curvature of the body and coordinate your scheme with finishes in chrome, brass or coloured ceramic. The latest innovations offer pull-out spray hoses for maximum flexibility, plus instant boiling water and filtered drinking water for convenience.

Add hidden interest to the interior of your cabinets and drawers. For both contemporary and classic kitchens, a wooden cutlery tray is a stylish addition. Or opt for inbuilt storage to showcase your selection of coffee pods and speciality teas. A dash of colour can be added with coloured or patterned drawer linings too.

The key is to create an individual look without breaking or going over budgets – kitchens can look outstanding by just investing a little extra into key details.


Kitchen lighting can often be overlooked, but for a reasonably small investment, good lighting can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen design. Combine a variety of lights across different areas in the kitchen.

Gone are the days when a fluorescent strip light was mandatory. There are so many energy efficient but clever applications that will enhance the design of any kitchen. Ambient lighting creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere while spotlights accentuate specific features and are essential in food preparation areas. Use pendant lights above a dining table or breakfast bar for a bold design statement, while the addition of dimmer switches offer flexibility to create different moods to suit the occasion.

At Chalk Kitchens we recognise the importance in achieving a stylish yet functional finish for your property developments, so contact us to find out more.

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