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The latest kitchen styles developers need to know about

April 3, 2019

For many of us the kitchen is the heart of the home and can be a deciding factor when choosing a new property. Developers need to remain up-to-date with the latest styles and innovations in kitchen design to stay ahead of the competition and provide that something special for home hunters.

Here are a few of the key trends for 2019 for stylish and practical kitchens to suit busy modern day life.

Clever use of space

Good planning and design are critical to maximise the use of space in both compact and large kitchens. Clever kitchen designs use both multifunctional and hidden storage to provide an array of additional space. Bespoke cabinetry is increasingly popular due to its versatility and offers a range of innovative and stylish solutions. Recently, one of the biggest trends for modern kitchens is a bespoke larder. It’s the perfect place to organise and store a wide range of produce at the correct temperature; ideal when you’re searching for the ingredients to create your very own culinary delights.

Striking colours and materials

During recent years homeowners have become more adventurous in their colour choices and this is set to continue. New property developments should provide a wide range of colours to make their kitchen designs stand out from the crowd. In addition to the ever popular natural neutrals, there are now more bold and vibrant colours on offer. The darker colour palette favourites include navy, black and charcoal, with many stylists predicting deep green as a key colour for 2019.

To offset the darker colours clients often opt for contrasting worktops, furnishings and lighting to create a stunning feature and accents of colour. Increasingly popular is to blend luxurious colours with high-quality materials such as marble, wood, ceramics and stone in different shades to provide a custom-made look.

Smart kitchen technology

Digital technology will continue to drive innovations and provide both sleek and energy efficient appliances. For the seamless look the use of integrated appliances will increase with smart induction hobs, integrated extractors and hidden appliances. And with the advent of the internet of things and smart technology, homeowners are looking to simply control their kitchen via the touch of a button. Increasingly popular are smart ovens with a range of hi-tech features and pre-programmed recipes alongside wifi enabled coffee machines, for added convenience.


One of the current hot topics is sustainability and new property developments should focus on including products with the least possible impact on the environment. Kitchens should incorporate quality furniture and fittings using eco-sound materials with unique designs that use recycled or reclaimed materials. Energy efficiency is also key when choosing appliances and smarter lighting choices, homeowners can help minimise the strain on our planet’s resources while also saving money with their energy bills too.

At Chalk Kitchens we’re passionate about design, so contact us to find out how we can provide new kitchen looks that will ensure your development is in high demand.

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