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The changing landscape of kitchen design

July 11, 2019

Today’s kitchens are a stark contrast to the modest kitchens of the early twentieth century. During the years there have been significant changes in décor and layout, as well as technology, to ensure the modern-day kitchen is a multi-functional space.

Here we take a look at what has prompted the changes throughout the decades and how design has adapted as a result.

Style trends

While kitchens designed in the 1920s to 1940s were often more practical than stylish, the post-war period of the 1950s brought exciting changes with the introduction of bright colour schemes. This continued through into the 1970s, with mustard yellow, vibrant orange and bold prints dominating designs.

However, during the 1980s homeowners opted for more subdued colours and furnishings, with white featuring heavily in most schemes, creating the foundation for modern minimalism. The 1990s also saw the introduction of a touch of luxury with granite worktops and large open plan spaces, continuing into the next century with inspiration taken from high-end restaurants.

Many of today’s kitchens incorporate sleek finishes and light open spaces, offering a chic and stylish design statement, ideally suited to modern-day living.

Social changes

During the 1960s more women joined the workforce resulting in time-saving appliances becoming more popular. This theme continues today, with an increasing number of household roles shared, meaning there’s often more than one cook in the home.

Attitudes towards food and dining have also changed. With the increasing popularity of cookery shows and foreign travel, cooking is now often seen as an enjoyable pastime. The formal dinner parties of the 1970s have now evolved into more relaxed sociable gatherings, with home cooks experimenting with different cuisines.

Use of technology

Advances in technology have resulted in major developments in kitchen equipment. Most of the appliances we use on a day-to-day basis have become more intelligent, with the introduction of smart technology and the Internet of Things revolution.

Nowadays, the kitchen is often the social hub of the home, so fridges and ovens are predicted to become dual purpose, with the addition of new media and entertainment features. The latest smart fridges include a screen to host a variety apps, synched with smartphones, with instant access to recipes, the family’s online calendar and music playlists.

Although kitchens have evolved over the years, some things remain the same. Homeowners are always looking for a stylish yet functional space, achieved through intelligent design to suit their lifestyle.

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